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This is a web site dedicated to Upanishads, Brahmanas, Aranyakas, Vedangas and other texts like Manusmriti, Yoga-Vasistha, Arthasastra, Dharmasastras, Sutras, Stotras and Tantra.Tamil literature like Tolkappium, Tirukkural and Silappathikaram too is discussed. Some other texts of Buddhist / Jain traditions in Sanskrit, Pali and Tamil too will be discussed.

The Upanishads are Hindu philosophical texts that arose subsequent to the Vedas, Brahmanas and Aranyakas. As per one etymology, the term Upanishad is derived from upa (near), ni (down) and s(h)ad (to sit), i.e., sitting down near, in other words these are what the disciples learn from their Guru, sitting down near him. The Brahmanas are part of the Hindu Sruti literature. They are commentaries on the four Vedas, detailing the proper performance of rituals. The Aranyakas are part of the Hindu Sruti viz. the four Vedas; they were composed in late Vedic Sanskrit typical of the Brahmanas and early Upanishads. They frequently form part of either the Brahmanas or the Upanishads. Thus they come in between Brahmanas and Upanishads.

The Vedanga or the limbs of the Veda are six auxiliary disciplines traditionally associated with the study and understanding of the Vedas. These are Shiksha, Chandas, Vyakarana, Nirukta, Kalpa and Jyotisha.

Besides this we have many texts like Manu Smriti (laws for the society), Artha Shastra (economics) and Yoga Vasistha. There are texts dealing with code of conduct called the Dharmashastras. Then there are many Agamas, Sutras, Stotras and texts related to Tantra.

During the development of these Sanskrit texts, several Tamil texts emerged. Among them are Tolkappium, Pattupattu (ten songs), Ettutokai (eight songs), Patinenmelkanakku (11 treaties), Tirukkural and Tamile epics like Silappatikaram and Manimegalai.


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